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Shipping Policy

BuiltforTrucks.com Shipping Policy

Built For Trucks products or orders are processed the same day. Because most items are custom, our warehouses work diligently to complete each order according to your specifications. This specialization takes time because we work hard to get your order exactly right.

For items that are in stock, tracking and/or estimated delivery date will be provided within 48-72 hours of order placement (business hours). If there are any possible delays, we will let you know as soon as possible. Please allow 7 to 10 business days (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, excluding weekends and holidays) before calling to check on the status of your order. Requests for order status before this date cannot be answered.

Commercial and Residential Shipping Rates

Commercial Rates
The preferred shipping method is for commercial or business delivery only. The commercial or business location must have a loading dock. The business does not have to be owned by you.  BE SURE you have the business’s permission to send a big tractor trailer.

Examples of common commercial locations include
: Your place of employment, Auto/Repair Garages, Co-ops, Feed Stores, Warehouses, Body Shops, Car Dealers, Hardware/Furniture Stores, Lumber Yards, etc.

Residential Rates
Residential rates are more expensive than commercial rates. E-mail us at
info@builtfortrucks.com with any questions.

Texas buyers must pay sales tax.

***Please be advised you must select the correct shipping rate on the product or checkout page. If correct rate is not selected, then you may be charged an additional fee(s) to make up for correct shipping rate. Also carrier may not have the correct equipment to transport the product and may send the order back to us. If this happens, you may be subject to the standard restock fee and any return shipping fee. Please be advised residential delivery requires special equipment which is why it costs higher to deliver to residential locations. 

*In accordance with this policy we may re-bill the customer’s credit card and chargeback for correct commercial or residential shipping charges. Built For Trucks reserves the right to cancel orders due to incorrect or misleading shipping rate selection (e.g. selecting commercial shipping for a residential address). Any cancellations due to incorrect shipping are subject to restock or cancellation fee.

Please click here to view our Shipping Policy in its entirety.

Shipping Methods
BuiltForTrucks.com products are shipped to the 48 contiguous states. Standard group shipping methods include via FedEx or UPS along with other prominent freight carriers. We choose which shipping company will best suit your needs based on location and distance from our warehouse, and we reserve the right to choose this means of shipping.

Drop Shipments
Some of our items are specialty products that are backordered or specialty order. Due to the fact that we must make special arrangements with the manufacturer, you should allow 7-10 business days before calling to check the status on such an order. This special process reduces the “middleman” arrangements and allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.

Truck Freight Shipping
At Built For Trucks, we also carry oversize items. Unfortunately, these items are too large for shipping through standard or ground FedEx or UPS. Any oversize parts (such as full one-piece grill guards or wheel to wheel truck steps) must be shipped using a freight shipping truck. Freight shipping is determined by weight, averaging $50-$200 depending on product’s weight and ship to location.

  • For safety reasons, freight shipping trucks take different routes from typical UPS or FedEx shipping. As such, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery of your freight-shipped item. This typically includes oversize or specialty items.
  • Freight trucks are given special instructions for handling your items. You MUST note any damage of the delivered items that may have occurred with the freight shipped before signing the shipment receipt or bill of lading. Once the customer has signed the shipment receipt, the order is cleared and BuiltForTrucks.com cannot assume responsibility in the rare event that damage has occurred with the shipment company.
  • BuiltForTrucks.com reserves the right to use the shipping company of our choice without notification or permission to the customer. We strive to work in the best interest in our customers using our team and delivery methods.

Truck Freight Shipping and Common Carrier
Please note that items that are above the size and weight limit of regular shipping (e.g. UPS, FedEx, USPS Parcel, etc.) MUST be shipped via truck freight shipping (also known as common carrier shipping or semi-truck). The customer MUST be available to sign for the shipped item at time of delivery. This is for your protection as a valued customer. Shipping carrier will typically call ahead to ensure that you are able to receive item. If customer unable to able to receive item or unreachable, shipping may be rescheduled for later date. After failed attempts for deliveries of orders, we reserve the right to cancel your order due to customer non response. Product refund due to customer non-response is subject to the standard cancellation or restock fee of up to 35%, in addition to any return shipping fee.  Original shipping is nonrefundable.

You must open and inspect freight shipped exterior packaging and contents before signing off for delivery. Please note that truck freight shipped items will not be eligible for return or replacement unless the damage was noted at time of delivery. Oversized and/or heavy duty items should not be refused or noted as “damaged” unless there is significant damage such as bent steel. Order cancellations due to "returned to shipper" items or unreachable customers are not permitted.

Insurance from the freight company is typically included with the purchase, but the freight carriers will not pay for items signed off as received in good condition. If you find that the item has significant damage (such as bent steel) you must not sign off on the items. If you feel you can repair the damage then you can decide on whether to sign for the item and keep them. We will assist as best we can, but we will not be able to give any refund if the items are signed off as in good condition.
Shipping Issues:

Freight Shipping Adjustment
BuiltforTrucks.com makes an effort to indicate freight shipping on the product listing when applicable, explaining the necessity of freight shipping, and noting whether freight charges will apply. However, due to frequent updates and new products from our manufacturer, we may be unable to list freight shipping on updated items that must be shipped on time. We reserve the right to adjust shipping cost on any product based on freight shipping. When we must adjust shipping cost accordingly, we make every effort to notify the customer before the order is placed and billed for shipping.

Shipping Address Changes

We understand that under some circumstances customers may wish to change the shipping location of a product. However, due to the nature of the freight shipping process, it may be difficult change destination once your order is in route. We will make every effort to honor this request; however, please note that changes in shipping address once your shipment is in route may likely incur additional fees.

Free Shipping Icons and Coupon Codes
Some items on our website may have a free shipping icon or free shipping coupon code. Free shipping may only be obtained using a free shipping coupon code or when the item is marked with a free shipping icon, providing that all other minimum order requirements are met. Minimum order requirements are based on merchandise total only, not sales price, and not including sales taxes or shipping. To receive your free shipping, you must enter the coupon code in the promotional code box found on your checkout page. Free shipping coupon codes may not be combined with other coupon codes, discounts, promotions, or offers. Only one valid coupon code may be used per order.

Damaged Products
It is the responsibility of the buyer to examine the packaging and contents or products before signing the shipping receipt or bill of lading. We are unable to re-ship items in the event that the buyer signed the delivery receipt without inspection. If your product was damaged in shipping, the damage becomes an issue of the shipping company, not of BuiltforTrucks.com. As such, you will need to take photos and file a damage claim with the freight company within 24 hours of delivery. We recommend that you keep all packaging materials, parts, and take pictures to support your shipping damage claim. (Please note that the item should not be refused unless there is significant damage such as bent steel). BuiltForTrucks.com will be happy to re-ship your product to you after receiving payment from the shipping company on your claim. If your claim is denied, we will not be able to re-ship your item. If it is determined that an item as "refused" upon delivery or returned to sender without significant damage or no apparent reason, the claim may be rejected alltogether item or subject to 35% restock fee. Return shipping will be deducted from any refund. See damage and loss claim section below for more information. 

Products Lost in Shipping
As a separate entity, BuiltforTrucks.com cannot be held responsible for items lost by a shipping company. In the rare event that a product is lost in shipping, the customer will need to file a loss claim with the shipping company, not BuiltForTrucks.com. We are not able to process a re-shipment on the item until we have received payment from the shipping company.
See damage and loss claim section for more information.

Non-responsibility clause
BuiltForTrucks.com cannot be held responsible for any reason that UPS, FedEx, USPS, freight shipping companies, or any chosen shipping entity is unable to deliver your order (e.g. inclement weather, acts of God, vehicle breakdown, etc.) We will do our best to track your order and have it delivered.

Please note that due to variations in freight, shipping times are estimated and subject to change.
By placing an order at BuiltForTrucks.com, you indicate that you have read and understand our shipping policy.

In orders placed during the months of November and December, delivery times may increase by 10-15 business days due to holiday slow down of freight shippers and product manufacturers. There are no cancellations on freight orders or may be subject to cancellation fees for stock items. All orders and payments are subject to terms and conditions; there are no exceptions. 

Damage & Loss Claim Information
Because we deal in custom-made and custom-developed heavy duty products, delivery is ensured by delivering by truck freight or cargo delivery (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS Parcel, etc.). In the course of delivering these items, there are rare occasions when the item is lost or damaged in shipping. While these incidents are rare, due to the fact that they may happen, we would like to provide more info on how to file a claim with the shipping company to ensure your item gets to you.

A damage claim may take from 7-30 business days to settle with the shipping or freight carrier (depending on the nature of the claim and the shipping or freight company). It is recommended that the customer process a “cross ship.” A cross ship is an immediate reshipment of a replacement order to the customer. The replacement order will be billed to the customer and the credit for the original order will be reimbursed to the customer as soon as the claim is settled. This reimbursement credit will be credited to the customer in the next billing cycle.

If a product was damaged during shipping, you must contact the shipper (UPS, FedEx, or freight shipping company) immediately or within 24 hours of delivery. The damage claim must be filed with the shipping company and not with us. We recommend 24 hours for legitimate claims to help reduce problems in filing your claim. Please note that most freight companies or ground shipping companies will not consider a damage claim more than 5 days after delivery.

Builtfortrucks.com is not responsible for items that get lost in shipping. However, we will be happy to send out a replacement of the same item if the freight company (e.g. UPS or FedEx) designates the package as lost and provides reimbursement for the product. Please note that we will only be able to send out the replacement if the shipper deems it lost and provides us with reimbursement to send you the new product.

Please note: At no time may BuiltForTrucks.com assist a customer in a damage claim in which the product has been delivered and signed for with no damage indicated to the driver and shipper at time of delivery. Customers must inspect the package and contents for damage or parts lost at time of delivery and immediately note any missing parts or damage with the driver, or refuse product with driver and company. Parts lost must be noted with the company so that a loss claim can be filed and we can re-send the product to you upon our reimbursement. Damaged items must be noted with the company and a damage claim filed. Please note that "damage" must be considered significant, such as bent steel on the bumper itself. These are heavy duty items shipped freight and may shift during freight delivery. If it is determined that an item as "refused" upon delivery or returned to sender without significant damage or for no apparent reason, the claim may be rejected alltogether or subject to 35% restock fee.

Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • In the event that an incorrect part is received loss of damage, the customer still agrees to the terms listed in the damage/lost claims of the shipping policy.
  • The customer assumes responsibility for any claim turned down by the shipping company where the package was left at an unintended residence.
  • Customer assumes monetary liability for any item when it is determined that damage to the product occurred from attempted installation or factors other than shipping.
  • Customer is responsible for any return shipping cost or fees regardless of outcome of claim with the Freight Carrier.
  • *In accordance with this policy we may re-bill the customer’s credit card and chargeback for correct commercial or residential shipping charges.
  • In orders placed during the months of November and December, delivery times may increase by 10-15 business days due to holiday slow down of freight shippers and product manufacturers. There are no cancellations on freight orders or may be subject to cancellation fees for stock items. All orders and payments are subject to terms and conditions; there are no exceptions. 
  • Return shipping fee of items does not qualify for Flat Rate or Money Saver Shipping. Customers will pay the market rates for return shipping charges.
  • By submitting an order to BuiltForTrucks.com, I indicate that I have read, understood, and agree to these shipping terms and conditions.