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TRX rear bumper is a rugged diamond steel replacement for your truck. If you need a back bumper that has the right rear features and matches your front steel bumper, this tough and extra strength rear truck bumper is the choice for you. Each of these custom rear bumpers fits into the truck envelope as a streamlined back bumper replacement for your specific trucks. Tag lights are included and you can keep your rear back up sensors if you have them. Get Free Shipping on these rear truck bumpers when you order from Built For Trucks. We offer exclusive free and fast freight shipping on these back bumpers for trucks.

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Representing tough, rugged, EXtra strength rear truck bumpers, the TRX offers everything you are looking for in aftermarket rear bumpers. The point of a back bumper replacement is to reinforce the rear of your vehicle while providing great features that are useful to you. Each of these custom rear bumpers does that, regardless of whether you own a Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford, or GMC. The key trait of TRX rear truck bumpers is that each fits snugly into the rear envelope of your vehicle. This means that when you remove your factory take off bumper, you can replace it with a heavy duty rear bumper that perfectly matches your rig. You can then use it as a rear step bumper, or drive on just about any terrain such as backwoods or mud. As a result, these TRX also make good off road rear bumpers. Made of American diamond steel, these truck rear bumpers also match ranch style front bumper replacements. When using steel bumpers with fine black powdercoated finish, it makes a difference in the aesthetic appearance, practical use, and long-lasting quality of your replacement. Our TRX makes a great option for getting your matching rear all at a great low cost.

In addition to being a solid match, these custom rear bumpers also have awesome practical features that you can use every day of the week. If you have rear back up sensors, you can keep them with these truck rear bumpers. Those who do not have backup rear sensors do not have to worry. Simply chose a TRX without the sensor accommodations, OR simply use the seamless covers that makes these rear truck bumpers a smooth, streamlined match to the back of your vehicle. This means that if you have a GM truck, you can use the TRX as a good rear sensor bumper if you need to do so. And if you have a Ford, Dodge, Nissan, or Toyota, you can use this well-crafted back bumper that fits smoothly without any extra wiring. The ability to choose either a sensor rear bumper or straightforward rear bumper replacement makes the TRX a great option to upgrade your motor vehicle. Because of the design, these aftermarket rear bumpers also give you good access to your truck bed and cargo. If you enjoy going offroading, the snug fit and diamond steel also makes them excellent off road rear bumpers.

Each of these TRX back bumpers are easily installed when you slide them right up to the frame. In doing so, you can use these rear truck bumpers to restabilize your tailgate. This means that whether you are tailgaiting during football season or needing off road rear bumpers during hunting season, these bumper replacements provide a solid mount with full skirts on your frame. These are also considered full replacement bumpers because they insert into the truck envelope. These are not clumsy rear truck bumpers, but instead they fit easily into your truck garage and also provide a necessary barrier on the road. Along with the front bumper, these front and rear bumper replacement not only make your truck look great, but provide a type of road armor for the highway as well as the off road. As one owner put it, this is a high quality metal bumper with lots of metal, easy to install and makes the truck look mean and great. For extra protection, there is a semi gloss black powdercoat finish. It starts with a primer, and is topped off by rust-resistant black powder coat. There is also room for installing your rear and truck accesories such as rear led lights or other tailgating and truck accessories you need. You can truly make your truck custom with a variety of rear truck add ons that you can input as you go. As off road rear bumpers, the TRX makes high quality custom truck accessories that we keep in stock in the warehouse. As a result, you do not even have to wait long periods to get a TRX bumper. Simply order today, and with this rear bumper, we have the policy of same day free freight shipping. That is how much stock is placed in a local American made rear bumper! Free shipping on your TRX matching back bumper when you order from BuiltForTrucks.