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BuiltForTrucks offers heavy duty rear bumper for sale to transform and strengthen your vehicle. Whether you need a back bumper that’s much stronger than the factory one, or you need a rear step bumper for work and pulling heavy loads, our truck rear bumpers are built for you. Each of our rear truck bumpers has been tested for quality, and you have tons of great options like keeping your factory receiver, using an aftermarket hitch, or awesome rear lights, you can get a back bumper shipped directly to you. Regardless of whether you a Dodge, Chevy or GMC, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, or Jeep, upgrade your vehicle with the customer rear bumpers and heavy duty rear bumpers below.

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Back bumper replacement is one of the most important upgrades to reinforce and strengthen your vehicle. It is the reason BuiltForTrucks specializes in heavy duty rear bumpers. We are working people, and the odds are you are using this back bumper to receive and pull loads, and you may even be using it as a rear step bumper. This is why most of our rear bumpers for trucks allow you to keep the original factory receiver. We make a point to let you know on each rear bumper product page. The rear bumper that do not allow this, often allow you to use a great aftermarket hitch instead. We offer custom rear bumpers for sale so that you can choose the best features that are right for your situation, including truck rear bumpers with lights and other types of aftermarket rear bumpers. We have steel bumpers for those who need the highest gage and want a smooth, seamless look to match the aesthetic of their truck. You can buy a tough metal bumper with all the trimmings such as lights. Our ranch bumpers are great for hauling and hold up under and road conditions.

Heavy duty rear bumpers are necessary to avoid more serious types of fender benders. Whether you backing up to an important load, or need a back bumper with good tow capacity, our aftermarket rear bumpers are thick gage bumpers that are capable of the best work. If you drive down these country or dirt roads, or even participate in any type of off road activities, these make excellent off road rear bumpers. Many Jeep or Toyota rear bumper options, for example, include the rear tire carrier. But you don’t necessarily have to be an off road enthusiast to buy an off road rear bumper. Our off road rear bumpers include diamond steel rear bumpers for ranchers, premium gage bumpers, and even smooth steel rear bumper with related accessories. There is a rear bumper for every truck owner when you order from BuiltForTrucks.

Not only are heavy duty rear bumpers great for work and off roading, we understand that you might want to have some fun. A heavy duty rear bumper is an essential for tailgating. Not only does it improve your tailgate, but it often offers a convenient rear step bumper to make tailgating a whole lot easier.. Each off road rear bumper is excellent for those big days so you never have to worry about your rear end again. If you want a custom rear bumper built according to your specifications, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have aftermarket rear bumpers in stock, but you can order a custom rear bumper built just for you. Whether you need to add shackles, a receiver, or even accommodate a lift, these custom rear bumpers can handle any specs. We monitor the production and keep you posted every step of the way.

When it comes to toughness, nothing says it better than steel bumpers or a metal bumper. Our heavy duty rear bumpers include a great number of rear steel bumpers in stock. Whether you need a diamond steel rear bumper that bolts on to the frame and is easy to install, or a gage bumper that includes mounting hardware, our rear steel bumpers are great for the back of the vehicle. Each fits snugly, and as high gage bumpers, they are more thick and durable than the factory plastic or aluminum. These steel bumpers are also protected by a powdercoat finish. If you are looking for an even more heavy duty bumper, many of our models have a pipe base. The pipe bumper for a rear typically has a schedule 20 base pipe. No tapping from another vehicle, animal, or even light pole can match up to a pipe bumper. These heavy duty rear bumpers provide the balance you need so that you are back to hauling and towing. If you have a boat, that’s no problem, either. Most of our truck rear bumpers work with the receiver, so you can always take it along. With our rear truck bumpers, you get the thickness and working functionality of a heavy duty rear bumper, but also great cosmetic coverage that you are looking for.

No matter what truck make or model you drive, we sell bumpers for trucks that suits the exact back bumper needs of that vehicle. If you need a chevy rear bumper, for example, you can choose one with lights or one that can keep your sensors - or both! Our chevy rear bumpers go above and beyond requirements to bring you the perfect chevy truck rear bumper. With a chevy silverado bumper that keeps the factory receiver, keeps sensors, and give you great back up lights, look no further than a chevy rear bumper from Built For Trucks. In addition to heavy duty bumpers, let’s not forget off road rear bumpers as well. Toyota bumpers and Jeep bumpers are both famous for looking awesome and functioning better as an off road rear bumper. We have great bumpers for sale if you need a Tacoma rear bumper. Your toyota tacoma rear bumper can range from a premium duty steel bumper to other great off road bumpers. Each tacoma rear bumper balances your vehicle and makes your Toyota look great. Not to be outdone, our Jeep JK rear bumper collection is the largest in the nation. We have an extensive Jeep rear bumper sale in stock, so that you never have to worry about where to find a jeep jk rear bumper again. If you need any style of jeep wrangler rear bumper, or specifically a bestselling jk rear bumper, each jeep rear bumper we sell has all the heavy duty style and even tire carrier options that you are looking for.

For standard or full size trucks, we have awesome custom rear bumpers. Get a dodge ram rear bumper built specifically for your truck. For example, you can buy a Dodge ram 1500 rear bumper perfect for a half ton, or a Dodge ram 2500 rear bumper suited for your powerful truck. Whatever ram rear bumper you need, we have these bumpers for sale with Free Shipping. Ford trucks are in a league of their own, and so we also have custom rear bumpers for Ford. Get an F250 rear bumper made for the Super Duty, or a F150 rear bumper that is made for a lighter truck bumper still heavy duty quality. The F150 is the best selling vehicle ever, so protect your back end with a Ford F150 rear bumper. If you have a completely different truck, each nissan titan rear bumper we sell is worthy of the titan name. Get a sleek nissan titan rear bumper that smoothly fits the Titan truck and looks great with any truck finish. GM owners need not worry, for the gmc sierra rear bumper has improved greatly to suit your custom rear bumper needs. Whether you need a gmc sierra rear bumper that keeps your sensors, give you back up lights, or both, we have each type of gmc sierra rear bumper here. Customers report that each gmc sierra rear bumper replacement actually works better than the factory one, so our heavy duty bumpers are the way to go.

Heavy duty rear bumpers should come from the trusted brands. If you need a good ranch bumper, we have the largest ranch hand rear bumper selection in stock. You can get a ranch hand back bumper or any variety of good ranch bumpers that suit your truck. With a road armor rear bumper, you can have a rear winch bumper perfect for serious winching jobs. Prior to this back bumper, many people did not think the rear winch bumper was possible. But this custom rear bumper has a winch mount for a heavy duty 9.5k winch. If you need a step bumper, Fab fours rear bumper and frontier rear bumper both provide that awesome rear bumper step. This put you in control, you can get a diamond steel bumper or gage bumper that work equally well in functionality as a step bumper. The premium series also has a great rear sensor bumper collection. To find one for your truck, be sure to search by specific truck model and year range. Iron cross hd bumpers make outstanding rear bumpers for trucks. They fit snugly to the vehicle without wearing anything down. If you are interested in our American built texas bumpers, we have the best American built pipe bumper just for you. This heavy duty rear bumper has the signature schedule 40 base pipe and gets through the toughest jobs as a ranch bumper. As always, we work hard to keep our smittybilt bumpers in stock, but you should also check out our top rated body armor bumpers and arb bumpers. If you need a quality back bumper for your truck, nothing says it better than a heavy duty bumper from Built For Trucks.