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Where Do I Find a Great Back Bumper for My Truck?

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Back Bumper Review: Your Guide to the Best Back Bumper For Your Truck!

Back Bumper

Back bumper replacement is one of the most important concerns for making sure your truck is protected. Whether you want to replace a flimsy factory take off bumper, or you want your truck to be beefier and more heavy duty, a good back bumper is essential. Many people have pointed out that plastic factory rear bumpers simply do not cut it anymore. You need a solid back bumper. If you've been in a tricky fender bender or light tap, a solid back bumper is the choice for you. A look at your choices, such rear bumpers for sale that let you KEEP factory receiver, rear steel bumpers, and other back bumpers for trucks can help you find the best rear for your truck.

Back Bumper FAQs

Some of the most common questions you might have when looking for a back bumper might include:

  1. Where do I find a heavy duty rear bumper?
  2. Do I get to keep my factory receiver?
  3. How much does a back bumper replacement cost? 

We will address your important questions in your search for the best back bumpers for trucks. First, we have a variety of heavy duty back bumpers in stock, and the vast majority keep your rear receiver hitch. One of the first choices you'll need to make is style. Do you want a ranch style rear bumper that is diamond steel, or do you prefer a smooth steel rear bumper such as iron cross, road armor, or premium rear bumper?  Once you make that choice, you can check your specific truck model to make sure the bumper you like keeps the factory receiver. (Most newer truck models do).

Spotlight: Ranch Hand Back Bumper

We have a variety of Ranch Hand Back Bumpers in stock. The Ranch Hand Sport Back Bumper lets you keep your receiver hitch (in fact, you can't install without it) and it is a rear steel bumper made of smooth channel steel. The Ranch Hand Legend Back Bumper comes with either an 8" drop to match your original truck style or low rise 10" drop; the legend back is great for towing. We also have the ranch hand jeep back bumper and even the ranch hand horizon back bumper.  If you want to compare, take a look at the Frontier diamond back bumper which also lets you keep your factory rear receiver.  No matter what model you have, we have great choices including dodge ranch hand bumper, whether you have half ton or need ranch hand bumpers dodge 2500, etc. Either way, these are better than the run-of-the-mill cheap rear bumpers and you still get Free Shipping and a great cost at BuiltForTrucks.

Rear Step Bumper

Rear step bumpers offer excellent bumper steps for pickups. As discussed, many back bumpers are automatically designed to function as a pickup truck rear step. This is great because you don't have to do anything extra for truck rear steps. Depending on style, we have a variety of aftermarket step bumpers. The Frontier or Sport functions as an excellent step for rear bumper. The premium bumper also has truck rear steps integrated on each side. These choices make great rear step bumpers for trucks and you can easily find one for your vehicle.

Rear Sensor Bumper

Another important question you may have is whether you get to keep your rear sensors (if you have them). While some rear bumpers automatically do this, rest assured that there are rear bumpers that even have sensor in the name! They are guaranteed to work. Options include Magnum, Westin HDX or a premium sensor bumper. As discussed, you can pick a Ranch Hand Sport Back Bumper or Frontier back bumper that has sensors. If you don't have sensors, don't worry about it! There are seamless plugs that cover, or simply choose one that doesn't do the sensor thing at all. If you have any questions about finding one with sensors, simply contact us and we will make every effort to help you.

Rear Steel Bumper

Custom steel rear bumpers mean that you replacement is built tough. We tested these steel bumpers that range from 7 gauge to 10 gauge steel, which is the best quality legally allowed for aftermarket bumpers for trucks. Whether you need steel bumpers for ford trucks, dodge, or even toyota, we have a variety of rear bumpers for sale that are affordable with Free Shipping.