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Off road winch review: Best off road winches for the job

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Off Road WinchAn off road winch is designed to get the job done. Whether you need to pull yourself or a friend out of a scrape, or you're a regular working man who doesn't mess around, everyone wants to know who makes the best winch for their truck. What's more, if you are going to get a custom winch bumper, you want a strong off road winch that will make it worthwhile. The key to choosing the best off road winches is deciding what you are going to use this power tool for. Do you need the best recovery winch, technologically advanced electric winches, industrial winches for work, or a smaller portable recovery winch that's easy to travel with in your truck bed?  A look at some of the best off road winches will help you make a good decision when you order.

Size of Off Road Winch

One of the first steps in choosing a good off road winch is determining what size you need. After all, there's no need in getting a winch too small to do any serious pulling, or larger than what you need for your vehicle size. As a general rule, larger trucks such as HDs tend to handle 12K to 15K or 16.5K winches. It's recommended to get a good one to work with the heavy duty winch bumpers designed for these trucks. Smaller vehicles such as the fj cruiser winch mount or half tons typically take winches around 9.5k. You should also note that you do not necessarily need a large winch if you don't want, no matter what your truck size. For example, a great steel bumper for toyota tacoma handles a 9.5k winch, which is excellent for your off road needs.

Capabilities of Off Road Winch

In addition to off road winch rated line pull and capacity, you will need to look at capabilities. Most high quality winches have good 12 voltage (12 V) and a good rope length. Whether wire or synthetic rope, this is typically around at least 80 to 90 ft, or maybe shorter for atv winches. You will need to determine whether you prefer roller or hawse fairlead. There are also benefits to decide between the standard basic winches: electric winches or hand winches, or industrial winches versus a standard recovery winch for off road. Electric winches for lifting are excellent for the off road, with benefits no matter what the sticky brush, mud, or tree situation. Electric winches often include a wireless remote as well. Hand winches are your traditional manual winch that you can often use for all types of vehicles, even indoors. 

Industrial winches are for any type of tough job and also work awesome with most off road winch bumpers. If you want to find a the best recovery winch, there are a variety of options available including the famous warn recovery winch or portable recovery winch. The portable recovery winch is great because the compact size fits in the truck bed and it's easy to carry anywhere. It is also considered an ideal self-recovery winch. Any of these are fine choices for off road truck bumpers, no matter your make and model if you own a Dodge, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, or GMC. Finally, if you live in an area prone to rain or moisture, you may wish to consider a waterproof or amphibious winch to handle any weather.

Spotlight: Off road bumpers for tacoma

While on the subject of off road winches, many people want to make sure it will work for their truck. A neutral example is the Toyota Tacoma, as there are a variety of off road bumpers for tacoma. We already mentioned a great steel bumper for toyota tacoma such as the iron cross, but you can also search by year, for example, and get a 2016 tacoma off road bumper. No matter what you decide, the toyota tacoma bumpers aftermarket parts usually come winch ready for your off road activities as well as your everyday use. From a tacoma magnum bumper to popular road armor bumpers,there are excellent off road winch bumpers on any make.

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There is same day, free shipping on all off road winches at BuiltForTrucks. Whether you want a stand-alone Smittybilt winch or a famous off road winch bumper such as ranch hand, ranch hand sport, or PREMIUM bumper, you can also get a matching winch to go along. There is often a winch guide on the product page (such as with the ELITE) to help you make a good decision. We're currently having an instant rebate on the warn recovery winch, so be sure to check it out if interested to go with your custom winch bumper.