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Guide to Steel Bumpers for Trucks

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When it comes to aftermarket truck bumpers, there is a lot of talk about steel bumpers versus aluminum or chrome bumpers. Steel bumpers are highly valued as replacement bumpers because they are a lot stronger. With a combination of thickness (real heavy duty bumpers range from 14 gauge to 7 gauge of steel) and quality of material, steel bumpers are the first choice for front bumpers for trucks. At Built For Trucks, we focus on American made aftermarket truck parts. In fact, even the steel has been harvested here in the USA (mostly in Texas and North Carolina). We've designed this guide to steel bumpers so that you can know your options and why you need steel front bumpers for trucks or great rear steel bumpers. 

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Smooth Steel Bumpers

Smooth steel are extremely popular aftermarket truck bumpers in every aspect of a truck owners life: from highway driving or as popular off road bumpers. These bumpers are also very popular on the West Coast. A tell-tale sign of these parts is that they are true truck bumpers heavy duty - the gauge of steel usually ranges from 10 gauge to 7 gauge, which is the best quality legally allowed for installed aftermarket truck parts. The second sign of a good smooth steel bumper is that the finish is usually textured or matte powdercoat because it matches the type of steel (you will rarely find high gloss because it would not adhere, even with primer).  You often hear these front bumpers for trucks or rear steel bumpers called "PREMIUM" or "ELITE." Either way, they are high quality as off road bumpers or good alternatives to the factory take off that you want to replace. 

Smooth steel:

  1. High gauge of steel
  2. Often known as premium or elite
  3. Great off road bumpers
  4. Typically textured or matte finish
  5. Many winch ready options if needed

We have found that these are excellent Chevy off road bumpers, no matter whether you own a half ton or full size. Our thick premium are among the most popular replacement rear bumpers for chevy trucks. No matter what type of gm that you have, this style matches the lines and makes among the best aftermarket truck bumpers chevy owners can buy.Our steel line also makes great ford front bumpers for trucks. Steel bumpers for ford trucks matches the current design whether you own an F150, F250, or other super duty. Our ford heavy duty bumpers offer an outstanding selection no matter what you are looking for. 

Ranch Style Bumpers 

Ranch bumpers are the true legacy of the working American. If you have ever wondered how a ranch hand or a cowboy gets the job done, ranch aftermarket truck bumpers are the answer. These front bumpers for trucks and rear truck bumpers are the real deal for anyone who wants it built tough. Originating in Texas, on the frontier and in the heart of the plains, ranch bumpers are designed to take the heat. A tell-tale sign of a ranch bumper is that it often has a pipe base or pipe construction. The truck bumpers heavy duty quality comes from the 4" thick schedule 40 pipe that protects against impact. A second feature of the ranch style is that you often hear them referred to as "DIAMOND STEEL" or "DIAMOND PLATE." This is because this style best fits ranches, work trucks, dusty back roads, country roads, dirt roads, and off roads. Either way, you will find that some of the beefiest aftermarket truck bumpers are this ranch style.

Ranch bumpers:

  1. Great working truck bumpers heavy duty
  2. Often feature schedule 40 pipe
  3. Diamond steel or diamond plate
  4. Awesome grille guard options
  5. Many winch options if needed

Because there is such awesome diversity with ranch style, it is hard to pinpoint the exact for the variety of pickup bumpers. From dodge truck bumpers aftermarket that matches even the largest rams, to front bumpers for trucks gmc or otherwise, these are excellent options available to you.There is even an American harvested "BLACK STEEL." The hugely popular black steel bumper is a sensational hit. You can get one with a grill guard and many heavy duty winch options.

Jeep Bumpers

Jeep bumpers can also be made in heavy duty steel. In fact, that's the best kind as off road front bumpers. Our jeep wrangler bumpers range from smooth steel to ranch stubby style. There are also good winch jeep front bumpers. No matter what you are looking for, choose steel for all your jeep activities.

You can view all of your great choices for STEEL BUMPERS and RANCH BUMPERS at BuiltForTrucks.com. There are also great JEEP BUMPERS in stock. We have Free Shipping nationwide on all of our aftermarket products in stock.