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3 Benefits of an F150 Winch Bumper

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F150 Winch Bumper

Your Ford F150 is not only the the most popular pickup in America. It is the most popular motor vehicle, PERIOD. The F150 has a combination of style, affordability and reliability that has made it particularly popular among off road enthusiasts. Among these off roaders, one of the first orders of business is getting rid of that factory bumper and installing an F150 winch bumper.

The F150 winch bumper will offer three huge benefits over the factory bumper:

  • Winch
  • Accessories
  • An extra layer of protection for the grille

As the name implies, the primary advantage of an F150 winch bumper is the ability to add a winch. Going off road comes with the intrinsic risk of getting the truck stuck. Seasoned off roaders can all tell stories about how someone got a truck stuck in a seemingly harmless puddle or stretch of sand that turned out to be far more than expected. Because of this, it is the wisest policy to assume that the truck will get stuck at some point. Having a winch on the truck, along with earth anchors and tow straps for extra attachment range, can be the difference between a cool story about how you got stuck and an off road tow costing an astronomical sum.

In addition to the winch itself, winch bumpers also tend to have attachment points for other accessories. Extra lights and tow hooks on the front bumper can make for a huge improvement in quality of life for offroad enthusiasts. These are not only useful items, but tend to make an aggressive statement in the looks of the truck. If you like the style of one of the offroad bumpers that are not already winch ready, rest assured that a lot of our aftermarket bumpers for ford f150 include accessories options such as an f150 winch mount kit. The black steel prerunner bumper series is a good example of this, you can add a f150 winch mount kit at any time.  You will be fully prepared for your next offroad adventure or winching job.

Another consideration people often have for using a ford f150 winch is whether it's too hard on the truck. They will want something heavy duty enough to get the job done, but still made for a lighter weight truck. At BuiltForTrucks, our f150 winch bumpers are specifically designed by truck year, and we don't carry any models that won't work for the "half ton" style trucks. In fact, the ford f150 winch kit is specifically designed to accomodate your truck (part number for the winch mount kit is K1200-1 for F150 trucks in the black steel bumper series). At Built For Trucks, we care just as much about the F150 as we do the Super Duty, so you never have to settle for less when you have a Ford F150 instead. We have plenty of f150 winch bumpers that are built Ford tough, but never drag you down or wear down suspension.

Lastly, a winch bumper is an added layer of protection for the grille. The engine of a truck can be completely disabled by a stick or rock finding its way to the wrong place. The purpose of the grille is to prevent this while still allowing air flow. The problem is, as a lightly engineered part, the grill itself is easily damaged. The necessity of a good aftermarket 2016 f150 winch bumper is the proof that you need. By providing protection for the grille, a winch bumper keeps the grill looking and functioning like it should. Remember, if it's not already winch ready, there are often ford f150 winch mounts that you can add to make it fully functional.

When most people get a 4x4, they immediately start thinking about tires, lifts and differential lockers. Considering the benefits gained for the relatively small price, wise Ford truck owners will add a ford f150 winch bumper to the list of essentials. BuiltForTrucks offers Free Shipping nationwide on all of our Ford F150 winch bumpers!

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